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( Noun )

Pronunciation : kwurk

1. A strange and unexpected turn of events

2. A peculiar habit, mannerism, or aspect of somebody's character

3. A curved shape, pattern, or decoration, e.g. a flourish in handwriting

4. Architecture groove - a continuous groove running along a molding or separating a molding from adjoining members


Origin unknown


Queerness, Quirkiness, Oddity, Crotchet, Strangeness, Unfamiliarity, Twist Of Fate, Fluke, Coincidence, Chance, Accident, Twist, Idiosyncrasy, Peculiarity, Foible, Habit, Eccentricity, Trait, Whim


Straight Line

Contextual Examples:

• Somewhere in his make-up there was a strange twist or quirk.

• Unfortunately for my stomach and mucous membranes, Nelson had a strange quirk of nature that made him find happiness in treating me to beer.

Related Words :

1. Quirkily : Adverb

2. Quirkiness : Noun

3. Quirky: Adjective

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