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Think of revising as a way to develop your writing rather than as a way to correct it.

Most professional writers who care about doing good work see revision as an essential stage of their writing and plan on redevelop new ideas through the revising process. They count on revising to help them reach three goals.

• To generate additional ideas as they work

• To help them focus their ideas

• To help them polish and tighten their writing

When you see revising this way, as part of your creative process rather than as correcting your work, you’ll probably feel less pressure as you write. Now a draft is just a draft, a work in progress, not some think you have to make perfect. If you have suggestions from other readers, you can consider how to incorporate them into your draft.

  • An Overview of The Revision Process

  • A Plan for Revising In Stages

  • Getting Response from Others

  • When Should You Stop Revising?

  • For Practice :

    1. Exchange a paper or writing project that you turned in for a course with another person who’s working on improving his or her writing. Using the large – scale revision method, go over each other’s piece of writing and make suggestions for revision.

    2. Make a similar exchange with another person. Using the small – scale revision method, go over each other’s piece and make suggestions for revision.

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