Grammar :


Sentence is a group of clauses or words, conveying a complete meaning.


1. Today is not a holiday.
2. What a beauty she is!
3. Sun is only a star.
4. You have to master the language ENGLISH to do e-commerce.
5. We can assemble after 8pm.

These are sentences which convey complete meanings.

There are
four kinds of Sentences.

They are:

1. Declarative or Assertive Sentences
2. Interrogative Sentences
3. Imperative Sentences
4. Exclamatory Sentences

Let us see one by one.

1.Declarative Sentences:

These sentences simply make statements or assertions.


• They are my friends.
• This is not my ball.
• Tell your friends that you will join them after 6pm.
• He is not in town now.
• Her mother is ill.
• A child is crying in the backyard.
• We are members of this organization.
• It belongs to him.

2.Interrogative Sentences:

These sentences are used to ask questions.


• How are you?
• Where are you?
• What do you do?
• Where is your brother?
• What did happen to your car?
• Why can not you become a member of this organization?
• Where do you live?

3.Imperative Sentences:

These Sentences are used to express commands or request or entreaties.


• Get up.
• Go out.
• Come here.
• Wait for your boss.
• Close the doors.
• Kneel down.
• Follow him.
• Read quickly.
• Be aware of pick-pockets.
• Try your level best to score the maximum marks.
• Take this test once again.
• Bless us.
• Have mercy upon us.
• Forgive them.
• Take care of your health.

4.Exclamatory Sentences:

These Sentences are used to express strong feelings.


• How cold the night is!
• What a shame!
• Alas! He is dead.
• Hurrah! You have come early.

These are the only four types of sentences that we come across in our daily lives.

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