Similes are a specific and formulaic form of allegory. A simile is a juxtaposed comparison of two or more objects to draw attention to their similarities. In English, similes are typically marked by use of like or as or than or resembles. Similes show how two things, that are not alike in most ways, are similar in one important way. Similes are a way to describe something. Authors use them to make their writing more interesting or entertaining.

A popular mnemonic for a simile is that a simile is similar or alike.


1. Playing chess with Ashley is like trying to outsmart a computer.

The activity playing chess with Ashley is being compared to trying to outsmart a computer. The point is that Ashley can think in a powerful manner that resembles the way a computer operates, not that she is like a computer in any other way.

2. His temper was as explosive as a volcano.

His temper is being compared to a volcano in that it can be sudden and violent.

Few more examples of similes:

• Walking onto those sun-warmed stones was like stepping onto a hot plate.
• The cat, quick as lightning, pounced on the rat.
• She's as dull as a doorknob.

Similes have been widely used in literature for their expressiveness as a figure of speech:

• Curley was flopping like a fish on a line.
• The very mist on the Essex marshes was like a gauzy and radiant fabric.
• Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus.

Here is list of Similes beginning with C.

• As calm as a summer sea
• As calm as glass
• As calm as death
• As candid as mirrors
• As cautious as a fox
• As cautious as a Scot
• As certain as the rising of the morning Sun
• As certain as the Christmas
• As changeable as the moon
• As chaste as Minerva
• As chaste as a lily
• As cheap as dirt
• As cheap as lies
• As cheeky as a young bantam cock
• As cheerful as birds
• As cheerful as the day was long
• As cheerless as the grave
• As cheery as the Sunbeam
• As chill as death
• As chilly as tomb
• As chubby as cherub
• As clammy as death
• As clean as Dutch oven
• As clean as a new pin
• As clear as day light
• As clear as crystal
• As clear as a bell
• As clear as rock water
• As clever as paint
• As clumsy as a bear
• As coarse as a hemp
• As coarse as fustian
• As cold as the dog’s nose
• As cold as a frog
• As cold as a corpse
• As comfortable as coin
• As common as pins
• As common as poverty
• As common as dirt
• As complacent as a cat
• As confident as Hercules
• As confident as justice
• As conscientious as a dog
• As consoling as night
• As constant as the Sun
• As contagious as yawn
• As contrary as light and dark
• As convincing as multiplication table
• As cool as cucumber
• As costly as an election
• As cosy as the nest of the bird
• As countless as the stars
• As countless as hairs
• As countless as the desert sands
• As cowardly as the wild duck
• As crafty as a fox
• As credulous as a child
• As crisp as new bank note
• As crooked as a corkscrew
• As cruel as Media
• As cruel as winter
• As cruel as death
• As cunning as a fox
• As curious as a fish

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