Slangs are the expressions which are used in their most informal usages.Slang is language at its most informal, using expressions that many would consider to be grammatically imperfect and sometimes rude. Slang often used within small social groups where it can help draw and keep the group together. It changes very quickly in English.

Cockney Rhyming Slangs are the specialised forms of slangs used in the East of London. This kind of Slang is a kind of antilanguage where words are replaced by phrases that rhyme (sound the same): North and south = mouth Adam and Eve = believe Sometimes, the last word is dropped.

Slangs beginning with E :

E : 'E' is a term for the drug ecstasy.

Eagle freak : (USA) An eagle freak is a keen environmentalist.

Earache : If someone gives you earache, they talk too much, especially if they complain or nag.

Earjack : (USA) If you listen to a private conversation that isn't your business, you are earjacking. It can also be used for when someone plays music that you particularly hate. (It comes from ear + hijack)

Early doors : (UK) If it's early doors, it's premature- too early to decide or know something.

Earner : (UK) If something is an earner, it's an easy or illegal way to make money.

Earworm : A song that sticks in your mind even though you hate it is an earworm.

Easy meat : Someone who is easy meat is easily taken advantage of.

Effing and blinding : (UK) If someone is effing and blinding, they are swearing and using foul language, especially in a situation where it is inappropriate.

Egghead : (UK) An egghead is an intellectual or someone who studies a lot.

Elbow bender : An elbow bender is a heavy drinker.

Embrocation : (UK) Embrocation is any alcoholic drink.

Ends : (USA) Ends is money.

English : English is spin caused by hitting a pool, billiards or snooker ball on the side or with a twist.

Erp : (USA) To erp is to vomit. ('Earp' is another spelling)

Even dogs travel in pairs : An area is that particularly dangerous is one in which even dogs travel in pairs.

Eyes like two piss-holes in the snow : I was so hungover, I woke up with eyes like two piss-holes in the snow.

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