Slangs are the expressions which are used in their most informal usages.Slang is language at its most informal, using expressions that many would consider to be grammatically imperfect and sometimes rude. Slang often used within small social groups where it can help draw and keep the group together. It changes very quickly in English.

Cockney Rhyming Slangs are the specialised forms of slangs used in the East of London. This kind of Slang is a kind of antilanguage where words are replaced by phrases that rhyme (sound the same): North and south = mouth Adam and Eve = believe Sometimes, the last word is dropped.

Slangs beginning with K :

Kak : (UK) If something is kak, it is rubbish. Alternative spellings- cak & cack

Kale : (USA) Kale is money.

Kangaroo juice : (AU) If a car is running on kangaroo juice, then it is moving in a jerky or bouncy manner - usually because of a faulty car and/or driver.

Kaput : (UK) If something's kaput, it has broken down and can't be fixed.

Kecks : (UK) 'Kecks' are 'trousers'.

Kegger : (USA) A kegger is a beer party.

Kerfuffle : (UK) A kerfuffle is a mess or a disturbance.

Kibitz : (USA) If someone makes unwanted and unwelcome suggestions, they are kibitzing.

Kibosh : If you kibosh something, you stop it or put an end to it.

Kickback : If someone asks for money in return for doing something, especially for giving someone a job or contract, they are asking for a kickback.

Kidult : A kidult is an adult who does things or behaves in ways normally associated with children and younger people.

Kip : (UK) Kip is sleep, both as a verb and a noun.

Kite : (USA) Kite is money.

Klutz : (USA) A klutz is a clumsy idiot.

Knock yourself out : (USA) This can be used as: 1) A response to a complaint indicating that the complainer should quit talking about a problem and go solve it. 2) An acceptance of a proposed solution to a problem without volunteering to join in the actual solving

Know-all : (UK) A know-all is a person who thinks they know more and are cleverer than other people.

Know-it-all : (USA) A know-it-all is a person who thinks they know more and are cleverer than other people.

Knuckle sandwich : (UK) If someone is given a knuckle sandwich, they are punched in the face.

Knuckle sandwich : A knuckle sandwich is a punch in the mouth or face.

Knucklehead : A knucklehead is someone who does not think much or who is stupid.

Kook : (USA) A kook is a strange person.

Kudos : If you get kudos for doing something, you gain respect.

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