Slangs are the expressions which are used in their most informal usages.Slang is language at its most informal, using expressions that many would consider to be grammatically imperfect and sometimes rude. Slang often used within small social groups where it can help draw and keep the group together. It changes very quickly in English.

Cockney Rhyming Slangs are the specialised forms of slangs used in the East of London. This kind of Slang is a kind of antilanguage where words are replaced by phrases that rhyme (sound the same): North and south = mouth Adam and Eve = believe Sometimes, the last word is dropped.

Slangs beginning with W :

Wack : (USA) Wack means 'rubbish' or 'weird'. As a verb, it can mean 'kill' or 'masturbate'.

Wacko : Someone who is wacko is mad or very eccentric.

Wacky backy : Wacky backy is marijuana. (wacky = mad backy = tobacco)

Wadge : A bundle of money

WAG : (UK) A WAG is an excessively dressed trophy female with ludicrously expensive tastes. (It comes from W'ives And Girlfriends' used to describe British footballers' trophy partners.)

Wally : A wally is an idiot.

Walmart : (USA) If something is walmart, it is cheap but of poor quality.

Wannabe : A wannabe is someone who aspires to a position, etc, who 'wants to be' that.

Warez : Pirated or illegally copied software and other digital files like films, ect, are known as warez, which is a corrupted spelling of 'wares'.

Waste : If someone gets wasted, they are killed.

Wasted : If someone is wasted, they are very high on drugs or very drunk.

Wazz : (UK) If someone goes for a wazz, they go to the toilet to urinate.

Wedge : (UK) A wedge is a large quantity of cash.

Wee : To wee is to urinate, often used with children, so not impolite.

Weed : Weed is cannabis when smoked in leaf form.

White hat : A person who uses their computer skills ethically is a white hat.

Whole enchilada : (USA) If someone does the whole enchilada, they do everything required- it's every part of something together.

Wick : (UK) If something's wick, it's very good. (from 'wicked')

Wicked : (UK) If something is wicked, it is excellent.

Wide : If something's wide, it is unfair.

Wide-on : If a woman has a wide-on, she is sexually attracted to someone.

Wideboy : (UK) A wideboy, or wide-boy, is an overdressed petty criminal.

Wiener : (USA) A wiener is a penis.

Wilco : This means that you have understood what was said and will do what is necessary. (It comes from 'will comply')

Willy-nilly : If things are done willy-nilly, they are done without any plan or organisation.

Windbag : A windbag is someone who talks too much.

Windowlicker : A windowlicker is someone with serious learning or behavioural problems.

Wonga : (UK) Wonga is money.

Wonk : A wonk is someone who studies excessively.

Wood : If a man has wood or a woody, his penis is erect.

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