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( Noun & Intransitive Verb )

Pronunciation : so-jùrn

Definition : Noun

1. a short stay at a place

2. brief visit

Definition : Verb

1. to stay at a place for a time

2. to spend a certain length of time

3. to remain as a guest or lodger

Past and past participle : sojourned
Present participle : sojourning
3rd person present singular : sojourns


13th century - Anglo-Norman sujurn, Old French sojorn - Old French sojourner - spend the day - Latin sub - under + late Latin diurnum - day


visit, stay, stop, layover, residence, rest, stopover, tarriance, travel, vacation

A visit is an instance of visiting.

A visitation is an act of visiting, carrying the connotation of an unexpected or undesired occurrence.


roam, wander, depart, go, leave

Contextual Examples:

• During our short sojourn here we are constantly changing.

• Pontellier were contemplating a summer sojourn abroad.

• During his sojourn in Paris, he came to my house.

• We decided to sojourn on the Riviera for two months.

Related Words:

sojourns : Noun - Plural

sojourner : Noun

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