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  1. The Rev. William Archibald Spooner (1844-1930) had a very nimble mind. Therefore words came faster than they should and the initial sounds or letters of words switched their places, creating amusing specimens of speech. In this process of verbal somersault, he gave the dictionary a new term Spoonerism.

    Examples follow.

    What was intended. : What was actually said. (Spoonerism)

    Well-oiled bicycle : Well-boiled icicle

    Madam, will you make tea? : Madam, will you take me?

    Dear friend : Drear fiend

    Missed my history lectures : Hissed my mystery lectures

    You have wasted two terms : You have tasted two worms

    Three cheers for our dear old queen! : Three cheers for our queer old dean!

    Noble sons of toil : Noble tons of soil

    It is customary to kiss the bride. : It is kiss to Mary to cuss the bride.

    Half-formed wish : Half-warmed fish

    Is the dean busy? : Is the bean dizzy?

    You have a cosy little nook there. : You have a nosey little crook there.

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