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Sunning :

Old Dog lay in the summer sun

Much too lazy to rise and run.

He flapped an ear

At a buzzing fly.

He winked a half-opened

Sleepy eye.

He scratched himself

On an itching spot,

As he dozed on the porch

Where the sun was hot.

He whimpered a bit

From force of habit

While he lazily dreamed

Of chasing a rabbit.

But Old Dog happily lay in the sun

Much too lazy to rise and run.

By James S. Tippett

Words to Know :

Force of habit : done without thinking

Itch : to have a tickling feeling

Porch : a roofed place outside the entrance

Scratch : 1. To mark with something sharp 2. To rub where it itches

Whimper : to cry softly

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