The Amendment in My Life

The Amendment in My Life :

Tomorrow will always come

As yesterday went.

You are now to welcome

To see my life’s amendment.

Time is independent of earth.

But I depend for everything.

To maintain my health

I must have something.

I am small when compared to earth.

Can I be negelcted?

My marks is small when compared to 100

Then I will be neglected.

Sachin scored a century

In the past twelve months…

When did I score a century?

Not even in the past 36 months…

Everyone has a mobile.

But our minds are stationary.

To make our marks mobile

Our mobile should be stationary.

Pencil can be sharpened

To help us to write.

But can I be sharpened

To make my life right.

By P. Prasanth – MVMHSS – Chennai – India

The Amendment in My Life