A Moral Story : The Crane
and The Wolf

Let us enjoy reading this story of The Crane and The Wolf.

Once a wolf was lucky to get hold of a nice dinner.

He sat in his place and started to eat. He did not want to share his food with anyone else. He was eating so hurriedly that a small piece of bone got stuck in his throat.

He gurgled hard. He tried to swallow. He tried to spit it out. But nothing worked out. The bone won't move. He got afraid.

"If I can't take the bone out, I can't eat. I will die of hunger", he thought sadly.

Suddenly he remembered the crane who lived nearby. He thought, "The crane has a long neck. She can reach and take out the bone". So off he went to the crane and said, "Please take out the bone from my neck. I will pay good".

The crane took out the bone and asked for her fees.

The wolf replied "Aren't you happy that you put your head into my mouth and got it out safely? Forget the fees."

MORAL : Good for the evil are fast forgotten.

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