The Dissatisfied Devotee :

Greek Mythological Story

The Dissatisfied Devotee

Let us enjoy reading this Greek Mythological Story of The Dissatisfied Devotee.

Many tales are told about Neptune the Roman god of the sea. Neptune was said to be one of the most generous of the gods.

One day a woman who lived close to the sea went down to the beach and began singing songs in his praise. Finally the god came to the surface and asked her what she wanted.

“I want a cow,” said the woman.

The next moment there was a cow standing beside her. The woman was thrilled. She began singing another song. At the end of it there was another cow beside her. The woman went on singing and every time she stopped for breath there would be another cow on the beach. The beach was small and so as the number of cows started growing it started getting crowded. Finally there was just enough room for her to stand. Yet the woman was not satisfied. There was a large rock at her feet. She felt that if she removed the rock there would be place for one more cow there. So she picked it up and summoning all her strength heaved it into the sea.

Unfortunately for her, Neptune himself was coming to the surface at that moment to bestow his blessings on his devotee. The rock hit him on the head. The god was so angry he dived back into the waters taking with him all the cows he had given the woman.

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