A Short Story :

The Rightful Owner

This Short Story
The Rightful Owner is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

One day, the cow fell ill and stopped giving milk. Thinking she would never recover, Gopal drove her out of his house. “Now my owner does not need me. I will never return to him," thought the sad cow and ran away.

On the way, the hungry cow fell unconscious. Dharma, a kind-hearted farmer noticed her and brought her to his house.

After a few days the cow recovered. Dharma thought, “I wonder who this cow belongs to." But he was unable to find the owner. Soon, the cow gave birth to a calf and started giving milk again. Dharma fed her well and looked after the calf, too. By selling the cow’s milk, Dharma became a wealthy man. Everyone wanted to buy Dharma’s cow’s milk. The cow’s fame spread everywhere.

Gopal too came to know about this event. “I wonder if that cow is the same one I had driven away," thought Gopal. When Gopal went to Dharma’s house, he found that is was indeed his cow. “That cow belongs to me," said Gopal. But Dharma refused to return the cow.

“I will take the help of the Village Administration," shouted Gopal. And next day, the Village Administrator heard this case. Immediately, the Village Administration Council assembled. Every one was eager to know what the judgment would be. “Let the cow decide for herself who she want to live with," said the Village Administrator.

So the cow was placed between Dharma and Gopal. The cow was asked by the Village Administrator to with the person whom she wanted to live with. The cow walked away from Gopal and started licking Dharma’s hand. She knew the difference between Gopal’s selfishness and Dharma’s kindness. The Village Administrator handed over the cow to the rightful owner, Dharma.

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