A Word A Day : Torpor

Tuesday, 30th October 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Noun )

Pronunciation : táw-r-per

1. Lack of mental or physical energy

2. The dormant state of an animal

3. Absence of the ability to move or feel


13th century - Latin - torpere - be stiff


Sluggishness, Inactivity, Apathy, Inactivity, Inertia, Indolence, Languor, Lethargy, Listlessness, Lassitude,Torpidness, Torpidity, Passivity, Passiveness


Excitement, Action

Contextual Examples:

• She still lay back in the chair, possessed by a torpor like the torpor of death--insensible to sound, insensible to touch.

Related Words :

1. Torporific: Adjective

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