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( Verb )

(past and past participle : transcribed, present participle : transcribing, 3rd person present singular : transcribes)

Pronunciation : tran-skrib

1. to make a written copy, esp. a typewritten copy, of (dictated material, notes taken during a lecture, or other spoken material)

2. to make an exact copy of (a document, text, etc.)

3. to write out in another language or alphabet ( or ) to translate or transliterate (to transcribe Chinese into English characters )

4. to represent (speech sounds) in written phonetic or phonemic symbols

5. to make a recording of (a program, announcement, etc.) for broadcasting

6. to arrange (a composition) for a medium other than that for which it was originally written

7. to effect genetic transcription of (a DNA molecule template)

8. to transfer (information) from one recording and storing system to another

9. to copy data from one medium to another; for example, from one source document to another, or from a source document to the computer. It often implies a change of format or codes.


Mid-16th century - Latin transcribere - copy, convey - scribere - write


copy out, decipher, duplicate, engross, interpret, note, record, render, reprint, reproduce, rewrite, set out, take down, tape, tape-record, transfer, translate, transliterate, write out


originate, disregard, ignore, read

Contextual Example:

• Writers don't write, they read and transcribe.

• And the reason is, that my secretary cannot transcribe.

Related Words :

1. transcribable: Adjective

2. transcriber: Noun

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