Trip to Gingee Fort and Vedanthangal

Trip to Gingee Fort and Vedanthangal :

We boarded the bus and everything was set.

The front seat was occupied by the teacher’s pet.

Gingee was our first destination

And definitely it was a true expedition.

At the first glimpse we were struck in awe

And climbing up the fort was simply wow!

Teachers called it trekking.

But we felt it was totally nerve wrecking.

We finally reached the top and beamed in pride.

As it was truly a challenging ride.

The next stop was at the bird sanctuary.

Where we saw birds that were making merry.

Thousands of pintails and this and that

So many things will drive your mind to nuts.

We finally returned back after an exhausting day.

We were all dead – beat…needless to say.

All was good from transport to security.

And we were the teacher’s first priority.

We hope a lot of trips like this – come our way

And thank you all for making it a memorable day!

By Akshaya – Chennai - India

Trip to Gingee Fort and Vedanthangal