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( Verb & Adjective )

Pronunciation : trúng-kàyt

Definition : Verb

Past and past participle : truncated
Present participle : truncating
3rd person present singular : truncates

1. to shorten something by cutting off or removing a part

2. MATHEMATICS : to restrict the precision of a decimal number by limiting the digits to the right of the decimal point without rounding

3. To replace (the edge of a crystal) with a plane face

Definition : Adjective


2. BOTANY : describes a leaf that has a blunt end, so that it looks as if a part has been cut off

3. (Primarily spatial sense) having little length or lacking in length


15th century - Latin truncat- past participle of truncare - cut short, mutilate - truncus - something cut off

Computer Encyclopedia : To cut off leading or trailing digits or characters from an item of data without regard to the accuracy of the remaining characters. Truncation occurs when data are converted into a new record with smaller field lengths than the original.

Banking Dictionary : Dropping one or more digits in calculating interest accrued on savings accounts. For example, 1.677754 truncated after the fourth decimal becomes 1.6777. The opposite is Rounding.

Literary Dictionary : Truncation : the shortening of a metrical verse line by omitting a syllable or syllables from the full complement expected in the regular metrical pattern. This may occur at the beginning of the line or at the end. In English verse, truncation is most often found in trochaic verse where the final unstressed syllable is commonly not employed.

Veterinary Dictionary : To amputate, to deprive of limbs


abbreviate, abridge, clip, crop, curtail, cut, cut off, cut short, lop, pare, prune, shear, top, trim, shorten, reduce

Reduce means to cut down on.

Minimize means to make small or insignificant or represent as less important.


elongate, expand, lengthen, stretch

Contextual Examples:

• The country rises in successive steps of table-land interspersed with some truncate conical hills and the horizon is bounded by an irregular chain of more lofty mountains.

• Please, truncate your detailed explanations.

• The numbers 1.4142 and 1.4987 can both be truncated to 1.4.

Related Words:

truncately : Adverb

truncation : Noun

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