United We Stand Divided We Fall.

United We Stand Divided We Fall. :

Unity is strength. A united group of people can always achieve more things than a single man. That is the reason groups are formed in many fields. In ancient times, man used to live alone. He traveled alone and hunted single handedly. But soon he realized that if he joins hands with his fellow men, he can face many of the common dangers. Thus villages were formed which in turn developed into towns, cities and countries. In modern times also groups are formed in all fields and walks of life. We have realized that by forming unions, we can demand and achieve things in a stronger way than by standing alone. There is the story of a rich old man who had tensions. But they always quarreled with one another. The old man knew that if he died, his wealth would be squandered by the quarrelling sons. So he called them to his side and showed a bundle of ten sticks. He asked each one of them to break it into two. But however they tried, none could break the bundle. Then he untied the bundle and gave them each a stick asking them to break it, which they did easily. Thus the sons realized their foolishness and began to live in harmony.

United We Stand Divided We Fall.