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( Adjective )

Pronunciation : ùn-pre-tén-shess


1. not putting on a false or showy display of importance, wealth, or knowledge

2. lacking pretension or affectation

3. exhibiting restrained good taste

4. not ostentatious


Origin - 1325–75 - ME pretenden - Latin praetendere to stretch forth, put forward, pretend


modest, plain, simple, unassuming, unostentatious, honest, discreet, down home, easy-going, folksy, free-spirited, get down, homey, humble, inelaborate, laid back, lowly, plain, prosaic, straightforward, unaffected, unambitious, unbeautified, uncomplex, unembellished, unimposing, unobtrusive, unpresumptuous, unspoiled, up front


affected, dishonest, flaunting, pretending, pretentious, affected

Contextual Examples:

• In this unpretentious attitude I became aware that.

• The elders of the church liked him because he was quiet and unpretentious.

• We are impressed with his unpretentious demeanor.

Related Words:

unpretentiousness : Noun

unpretentiously : Adverb

pretentious : Adjective

pretentiousness : Noun

pretentiously : Adverb

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