A Word A Day : Usurp

Wednesday, 24th October 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Verb )

Pronunciation : yoo-súrp

1. to use something without the right to do so

2. seize something without right


14th century - Via French - Latin usurpare - seize for use - perhaps, usus - use + rapere - seize


seize, appropriate, take, take over, assume, commandeer, grab, arrogate


surrender, lose in

Contextual Examples:

• If a single member should attempt to usurp the supreme authority, he could not be supposed to have an equal authority and credit in all the confederate states.

• The girl was frankly glad to see him once more and laughingly chid him because he had allowed another to usurp his prerogative and rescue her from Peter of Colfax.

Related Words :

1. usurpation: Noun

2. usurper: Noun

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