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Vacancy, Vacant, Vacate and Vacation

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Vacancy : noun : empty place or room (or) job which is not filled

• We advertised a vacancy in the local press.

• We have been unable to fill the vacancy for a skilled machinist.

• They have a vacancy for a secretary.

• Job vacancies = jobs which are empty and need people to do them

Vacancy Rate = average number of rooms empty in a hotel over a period of time (shown as a percentage of the total number of rooms)

Vacant : adjective : empty or not occupied

Vacant Possession = being able to occupy a property immediately after buying it because it is empty.

• The house is for sale with vacant possession.

Situations Vacant or Appointments Vacant = list (in a newspaper) of jobs which are available

Vacate : verb : to vacate the premises = to leave premises so that they become empty

Vacation : noun :

(a) GB period when the law courts are closed

(b) US holiday or period when people are not working

• The CEO is on vacation in Florida.

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