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Valuable : adjective : something which is worth a lot of money

Valuable Property or Valuables = personal items which are worth a lot of money

Valuation : noun : estimate of how much something is worth

• To ask for a valuation of a property before making an offer for it

Stock Valuation = estimating the value of stock at the end of an accounting period

• To buy a shop with stock at valuation = to pay for the stock the same amount as its value as estimated by a valuer

Value : noun : amount of money which something is worth

• He imported goods to the value of £250.

• The fall in the value of sterling

• The valuer put the value of the stock at £25,000.

• Good value (for money) = a bargain or something which is worth the price paid for it

• That restaurant gives value for money.

• Buy that computer now - it i very good value.

• Holidays in Italy are good value because of the exchange rate.

• To rise in value or to fall in value = to be worth more or less

Asset Value = value of a company calculated by adding together all its assets

Book Value = value as recorded in the company's accounts

• Sample Only - of no commercial value = not worth anything if sold

Declared Value = value of goods entered on a customs declaration form

Discounted Value = difference between the face value of a share and its lower market price

Face Value = value written on a coin or banknote or share

Market Value = value of an asset or of a product or of a company, if sold today

Par Value = value written on a share certificate

Scarcity Value = value of something which is worth a lot because it is rare and there is a large demand for it

Surrender Value = money which an insurer will pay if an insurance policy is given up before maturity date

Value : verb : to estimate how much money something is worth

• He valued the stock at £25,000.

• We are having the jewellery valued for insurance.

Value Added Tax : noun : tax imposed as a percentage of the invoice value of goods and services

Valuer : noun : person who estimates how much money something is worth

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