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Vehicle : noun : machine with wheels used to carry goods or passengers on a road

Commercial Vehicle or Goods Vehicle = van or truck used for business purposes

Heavy Goods Vehicle = very large lorry

• Goods vehicles can park in the loading bay.

Vending : noun : selling

Automatic Vending Machine = machine which provides drinks, cigarettes, etc... when a coin is put in

Vendor : noun : person who sells (a property)

• The solicitor acting on behalf of the vendor

Street Vendor = person who sells food or small items in the street

Venture : noun : business or commercial deal which involves a risk

• He lost money on several import ventures.

• She has started a new venture - a computer shop.

Joint Venture = very large business project where two or more companies, often from different countries, join together

Venture Capital = capital for investment which may easily be lost in risky projects, but can also provide high returns

Venture : verb : to risk (money)

Venue : noun : place where a meeting is to be held

• We have changed the venue for the conference.

• What is the venue for the exhibition?

Verbal : adjective : using spoken words, not writing

Verbal Agreement = agreement which is spoken (such as over the telephone)

Verbally : adverb : using spoken words, not writing

• They agreed to the terms verbally and then started to draft the contract.

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