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Verify : verb : to check to see if something is correct

Verification : noun : checking if something is correct

• The shipment was allowed into the country after verification of the documents by the customs.

Vertical : adjective : upright or straight up or down

Vertical Communication : communication between senior managers via the middle management to the workers

Vertical Integration = joining two business together which deal with different stages in the production or sale of a product

Vessel : noun : ship

Merchant Vessel = commercial ship which carries a cargo

Vested : adjective : vested interest = special interest in keeping an existing state of Affairs

• She has a vested interest in keeping the business working = she wants to keep the business working because she will make more money if it does.

Vet : verb : to examine something carefully

• All candidates have to be vetted by the managing director.

• The contract has been sent to the legal department for vetting.

NOTE : vetting - vetted

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