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Via, Viable, Viability, Vice and View

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Via : preposition : using a means or a route

• The shipment is going via the Suez Canal.

• We are sending the cheque via our office in New York.

• They sent the message via the telex line.

Viable : adjective : any work which can work in practice

• Not commercially viable = not likely to make a profit

Viability : noun : being viable or being able to make a profit

NOTE : no plural

Vice- : prefix : deputy or second in command

• He is the vice-chairman of an industrial group.

• She was appointed to the vice-chairmanship of the committee.

Vice-President : noun : (US) one of the executive directors of a company

Senior Vice-President = one of a few main executive directors of a company

View : noun : way of thinking about something

• We asked the sales manager for his views on the reorganization of the reps' territories.

• The chairman takes the view that credit should never be longer than thirty days.

To Take the Long View = to plan for a long period before your current investment will become profitable

In View Of = because of

• In view of the falling exchange rate, we have redrafted our sales forecasts.

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