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Vigorous : adjective : energetic or very active

• We are planning a vigorous publicity campaign.


VIP Lounge = special room at an airport for important travellers

• We laid on VIP treatment for our visitors.

• We gave our visitors a VIP reception.

• We arranged for our visitors to be looked after and entertained well.

Visa : noun : special document or special stamp in a passport which allows someone to enter a country

• You will need a visa before you go to the USA.

• He filled in his visa application form.

Entry Visa = visa allowing someone to enter a country

Multiple Entry Visa : visa allowing someone to enter a country many times

Tourist Visa = visa which allows a person to visit a country for a short time on holiday

Transit Visa = visa which allows someone to spend a short time in one country while travelling to another country

Visible : adjective : anything which can be seen

Visible Imports or Exports = real products which are imported or exported

Visit : noun : short stay in a place

• We are expecting a visit from our German agents.

• He is on a business visit to London.

• We had a visit from the VAT inspector.

Visit : verb : to go to a place or to see someone for a short time

• He spent a week in Scotland visiting clients in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

• The trade delegation visited the Ministry of Commerce.

Visitor : noun : person who visits

• The chairman showed the Japanese visitors round the factory.

Visitors' Bureau = office which deals with visitors' questions

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