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( Adjective )

Pronunciation : vi-váy-she-ess

1. exhibiting or characterized by liveliness and high-spiritedness

2. full of animation and spirit

3. vigorous and animated

4. very brisk, alert and full of high spirits


Mid-17th century - Latin vivac -lively, long-lived - vivus


active, alert, animate, animated, bouncy, brash, breezy, bubbling, cheerful, ebullient, effervescent, exuberant, fireball, frolicsome, gay, go-go, grooving, happy, high-spirited, hyper, jolly, jumping, keen, light-hearted, merry, playful, red hot, rocking, scintillating, sparkling, spirited, sportive, sprightly, swinging, upbeat, vibrant, vital, zesty


boring, dull, unattractive, unhappy, dispirited, lethargic, lifeless, slothlike, sluggish, spiritless

Contextual Examples:

• A racehorse is usually vivacious as it is led to the starting gate.

• You are lucky to have a charming and vivacious host.

• Grandfather might have continued to talk in this dull manner nobody knows how long; but suspecting that Charley would find the subject rather dry, he looked sidewise at that vivacious little fellow, and saw him give an involuntary yawn.

• We enjoyed a vivacious folk dance when we went to India.

Related Words:

vivaciously: Adverb

vivaciousness: Noun

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