Voice of A Friend

Voice of A Friend :

The day I met you and talked

I did not know we will be the best friends.

Our frienship has grown strong.

And I’ll be here for you till the end.

You listened to my silence.

And wiped my tears in times.

You take care of me everyday.

And see happiness in my face forever.

I haven’t explained about myself.

But you are the only person who

Understood my smile, laughter and tears.

You are one of the nicest things in my life.

And also the best of all others.

No matter how far you are away, but

You are my best friend forever.

I guess this is the best way of saying thanks.

For catching me when I fall

Thanks once again for being such a good friend

And being here with me throughout forever.

By S. Varshini – MVMHSS – Chennai – India

Voice of A Friend