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Volume, Voluntary and Voluntarily

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Volume : noun : quantity of items

Volume Discount = discount given to customer who buys a large quantity of goods

Volume of Output = number of items produced

Volume of Sales or Sales Volume = number of items sold

High Volume of Sales = large number of items sold

Low Volume of Sales = small number of items sold

Volume of Trade or Volume of Business = number of items sold or number of shares sold on the Stock Exchange during a day's trading

• The company has maintained the same volume of business in spite of the recession.

Voluntary : adjective :

(a) done without being forced

Voluntary Liquidation = situation where a company itself decides it must close and sell its assets

Voluntary Redundancy = situation where a worker asks to be made redundant

(b) done without being paid

Voluntary Organization = organization which has no paid staff

Voluntarily : adverb : without being forced or paid

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