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Vote : noun : marking a paper, holding up your hand, etc. to show your opinion or to show who you want to be elected

• To take a vote on a proposal

• To put a proposal to the vote = to ask people present at a meeting to say if they do or do not agree with the proposal

Block Vote = casting of a large number of votes (such as of a trade union delegation) all together in the same way

Casting Vote = vote used by the chairman in the case where the votes for and against a proposal are equal

• The chairman has the casting vote.

• He used his casting vote to block the motion.

Postal Vote = election where the voters send in their voting papers by post

Vote : verb : to show an opinion by marking a paper or by holding up your hand at a meeting

• The meeting voted to close the factory.

• 52% of the members voted for Mr Smith as chairman.

• To vote for a proposal or to vote against a proposal = to say that you agree or do not agree with a proposal

• Two directors were voted off the board at the AGM = the AGM voted to dismiss two directors.

• She was voted on to the committee = she was elected a member of the committee.

Voter : noun : person who votes

Voting : noun : act of casting a vote

Voting Paper = paper on which the voter puts a cross to show for whom he wants to vote

Voting Rights = rights of shareholders to voting at company meetings

Non-Voting Shares = shares which do not allow the shareholder to vote at company meetings

NOTE : no plural

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