What is the difference between Accept and Except?

What is the difference between Accept and Except? :

Accept : (verb)

( 1 ) Take something offered willingly

She accepted my invitation to dinner.

I accepted your apology.

( 2 ) To say yes to an offer

She offered me a lift and I accepted it.

I proposed marriage and she accepted my proposal.

( 3 ) Receive someone / something as suitable or adequate

Will you accept a cheque?

The college I applied has accepted me.

( 4 ) Be willing or agree to something

He accepted the magistrate’s decision.

I accepted the proposed changes.

( 5 ) Take upon oneself a responsibility

He accepts the blame for the accident.

You must accept the consequences of your action.

( 6 ) Take something as true, believe something

I do not accept your explanation.

( 7 ) Treat something / someone ad welcome

He was never really accepted by his colleagues.

Except : (noun)

( 1 ) Not including some thing / someone – but not

This restaurant is open all days except Monday.

Everyone except me got an invitation.

I answered all the questions except the last one.

Except : (noun)

( 1 ) Except as a verb means exclude someone / something – leave someone / something out

Only children under five are excepted from this survey.

We all had to take part in the training run with nobody excepted.

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