What is the difference between Acknowledge and Admit and Confess?

What is the difference between Acknowledge and Admit and Confess? :

Acknowledge :

1 ) Accept the truth, reality or existence of something

We acknowledge the need for social reform.

He acknowledged it to be true.

They refused to acknowledge their defeat.

2 ) Report that one has received something

I acknowledged receipt of her letter.

3 ) Express thanks for something

He acknowledged my help.

His services to the country were never officially acknowledged.

4 ) Show by a smile, nod of the head, greeting, etc… that one has noticed or recognized something

I was standing right next to her. But she did not even acknowledge my presence.

5 ) Accept somebody as something

I acknowledged him as my heir.

He was generally acknowledged to be greatest historian in the country.

6 ) Accept or recognize something

The country acknowledged his claim to the throne.

Admit :

1 ) Allow someone / something to enter

Each ticket admits two persons to the party.

2 ) Accept someone into a hospital as a patient or into a school as a pupil

He was admitted to hospital with minor burns.

Our school admits seventy new boys and girls every year.

3 ) Have room for someone/ something

The theatre admist only 400 persons.

4 ) To recognize something as true often reluctantly

He admitted his mistake.

5 ) Leave room for something – allow the possibility of something

The plan does not admit of improvement.

Your conduct admits of no excuse.

Confess :

1 ) Say formally that one has committed a crime or something wrong

The prisoner confessed that he had murdered her.

The politican confessed that he received bribe for this project.

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