What is the difference between Dew and Due?

What is the difference between Dew and Due? :

Dew : (noun)

( 1 ) Tiny drops of moisture condensed on cool surfaces from water vapor in the air

The grass was wet with dew.

Due : (adjective)

( 1 ) Owed as an obligation or a debt

Have you paid the money due to her?

He has still due ten days’ leave.

( 2 ) Deserving something

Owed something

I am due for promotion soon.

( 3 ) Requiring immediate payment

My house rent will fall due on the 10th instant.

( 4 ) Expected



My book is due to be published in March.

The train is due in five minutes.

( 5 ) Suitable



I decided the matter after due consideration of all the relevant facts.

( 6 ) Causes by someone / something

Because of something / someone

The team’s success was largely due to your efforts.

Due : (adverb)

( 1 ) Exactly

Walk four kilometers due west.

Due : (noun)

( 1 ) Thing that should be given to someone by right

He received a large reward which was no more than his due.

Dues : (noun)

( 1 ) Charges or fees

I have not paid my dues yet.

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