What is the difference between Droop and Drop?

What is the difference between Droop and Drop? :

Droop : (verb)

1 ) Bend or hang downwards through tiredness or weakness

Flowers were drooping for lack of water.

Her head drooped sadly.

His spirits drooped at the news.

Drop : (noun)

1 ) Small rounded mass of liquid

Pour the oil in drops into the mixture.

These are drops of rain.

2 ) Decrease

There was a drop in prices of vegetables.

Drop : (verb)

1 ) Fall or allow something to fall

The bottle dropped and broke.

The climber slipped and dropped to his death.

2 ) Become weaker, less or lower

Her voice dropped to a whisper.

3 ) Allow someone to get out of a car, etc…

She dropped me near our house.

4 ) Send a letter, etc.. to someone

I dropped him a letter yesterday.

5 ) Stop seeing someone

She has dropped most of her old friends.

6 ) Stop doing or discussing something

Let us drop the formalities and call me SWEETY.

Look, can we just drop the subject?

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