What is the difference between Hard and Herd?

What is the difference between Hard and Herd? :

Hard : (adjective)

( 1 ) Solid, firm, not soft or yielding to touch or easily cut

Their bodies were hard and muscular after much training.

( 2 ) Not easy, difficult to do or understand or answer

It was a hard task.

She found it hard to decide.

( 3 ) Tough, requiring much effort

We must take a hard look at our finances.

Some hard bargaining is called for.

( 4 ) Energetic, showing much effort

Are you a hard worker?

( 5 ) Harsh, forceful, violent

Do not use hard words?

Hard : (adverb)

( 1 ) With great effort, energy or concentration


You must try hard to succeed.

( 2 ) With difficulty

Our victory was hard won.

( 3 ) Heavily, severely

It is raining hard.

( 4 ) At a sharp angle

Turn hard left.

Herd : (noun)

( 1 ) Number of animals, especially cattle, feeding or staying together

Where is your herd of cows?

( 2 ) This term THE HERD means mob and a large number of people.

He preferred to stick with the herd so as not to be noticed.

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