What is the difference between Lag and Leg?

What is the difference between Lag and Leg? :

Lag : (verb)

1 ) Go too slow

Fail to keep pace with others

As he became tired, he lagged far behind the rest of the walkers.

Production lagged and unemployment rose.

Lag : (noun)

1 ) Period of time separating two events especially an action and its effects


There was a lag of several seconds between the lightning and the thunder.

There will be a one-year lag between the time I pen this book and its publication.

Leg : (noun)

1 ) One of the limbs of an animal’s or a person’s body used for standing and walking

He has long legs.

2 ) Section of a journey

The last leg of our trip was the most tiring.

3 ) One of the supports of a chair, table, etc…

This is a chair with one leg missing.

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