What is the difference between Last and Lust?

What is the difference between Last and Lust? :

Last : (adjective)

1 ) Coming after all others in time or order

December is the last month of the year.

2 ) Most recent

I thought his last book was one of the best.

3 ) Least likely or suitable

She is the last person to trust with a secret.

4 ) Final

This is the last hope of winning.

This is our last bottle of milk.

Last : (adverb)

1 ) After all others

He came last in the race.

That counter ranks last in industrial output.

2 ) Most recently, on the occasion before the present time

I saw her last in Mumbai two years ago.

We last defeated them in 1999.

Last : (verb)

1 ) Endure

The war lasted for five years.

She will not last long in that job. It is too tough.

How long do you think this fine weather will last?

2 ) Be adequate or enough

We have enough food to last five days.

3 ) Be strong enough to survive or endure something

He is very ill and probably will not last the night.

Last : (noun)

1 ) Person or thing that is last or mentioned last

These are the last of our apples.

We invited Gita, Rita and Sita – the last being Raja’s sister.

2 ) Consistently

Until the last possible moment

He died protesting his innocence to the last.

Lust : (noun)

1 ) Strong sexual desires

You should curb your lust.

Did you gratify your lusts?

2 ) Intense desire for something or enjoyment of something

He has a lust for power.

Lust : (verb)

1 ) Feel a strong desire for something / someone

He lusts after girls.

He lusted for revenge.

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