What is the difference between Mob and Crowd?

What is the difference between Mob and Crowd? :

Mob : (noun)

1 ) Large disorderly crowd especially one that has gathered to attack or cause mischief

The fans rushed onto the pitch in an excited mob.

The police faced a mob throwing bricks and petrol bombs.

2 ) Gang of criminals

Whose mob are you with?

Crowd : (noun)

1 ) Large number of people gathered together in the open

Police had to break up the crowd.

A crowd had already collected outside the embassy gates.

I pushed my way through the crowd.

2 ) Audiences

Mass of spectators

My speech attracted a large crowd.

The crowd cheered the winning team.

3 ) Group


I do not associate with the crowd.

4 ) People in general

He moved with the crowd.

(When the CROWD is used in this sense, the definite article THE should precede it.)

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