What is the difference between Pack and Peck?


Pack : (noun)

1 ) Number of things wrapped or tied together for carrying

He carried his belongings in a pack on his back.

2 ) Group of wild animals that hunt together

Wolves hunt in packs.

3 ) Group of dogs kept for hunting

They are a pack of thieves.

Your statement is a pack of lies.

Pack : (verb)

1 ) Put something into a container

Fill with something

Have not you packed your suitcase yet?

Pack these books into a box.

2 ) Be able to be put into a container for transport or storing

This dress packs easily.

These clothes will not all pack into one suitcase.

3 ) Fill, crowd or cram something with someone / something

This book is packed with highly useful information.

Chanting fans packed the stadium.

Peck : (verb)

1 ) Strike something with the beak

Hens feed by pecking.

Birds are pecking at the window.

2 ) Get or make something by striking with the beak

The birds pecked a hole in the sack.

3 ) Kiss someone lightly and hurriedly

She pecked me on the cheek.

Peck : (noun)

1 ) Stroke made by pecking

2 ) Mark made by pecking

The parrot gave me a sharp peck on the finger.

3 ) Hurried kiss

She gave her aunt a quick peck kiss on her cheek.

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