What is the difference between Peak and Peek and Pick and Pique?

What is the difference between Peak and Peek and Pick and Pique? :

Peak : (noun)

1 ) Pointed top especially of a mountain

The plane flew over the snow-covered peaks.

2 ) The mountain itself

The climbers made camp half-way of the peak.

3 ) Any shape, edge or part of something that narrow to a point

He reached the peak of the roof.

4 ) The pointed part of the cap

5 ) Point of highest intensity, value, achievement, etc…

Traffic reaches a peak between 8 and 10 in the morning.

She is at the peak of her career.

Peak : (verb)

1 ) Reach the highest point or value

Demand for electricity peaks in the evenings.

Toy sales peaked just before Dussehra and are now decreasing.

Peek : (verb)

1 ) Look quickly and often secretively at something / someone

Do not peek at my diary.

He was peeking over the walls.

Peek : (noun)

1 ) Quick, often sly, glance

He took a peek at what was hidden in the cup-board.

Pick : (verb)

1 ) Choose or select something

You can pick whatever you want.

2 ) Pluck, gather or remove from the place where they grow

I bought flowers freshly picked from the garden.

3 ) Remove small pieces of matter from something in order to clean it

Pick your nose.

Did you pick your mouth today?

4 ) Remove something from the surface

He picked the books off the floor.

He picked a hair from the collar of his coat.

5 ) Make a hole in something

The child was picked a hole in his apron.

6 ) Take up (grain) into the bill

Chickens are picking corns.

7 ) Eat in very small amounts or without appetite

Sparrows picked at the crumbs.

Pick : (noun)

1 ) Choice

Right of selecting

The winner has the first pick of the prizes.

2 ) The best example of something

What is the pick of the new season’s fashions?

Pique : (verb)

1 ) Hurt the pride or self-respect of someone


He was piqued to discover that he had not been invited.

She seemed rather piqued.

2 ) Arouse (a person’s interest or curiosity)

Her curiosity was piqued.

Pique : (noun)

1 ) Feeling of hurt or annoyance


When he realised nobody was listening to him, he left the room in a fit of pique.

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