What is the difference between Personal and Personnel?

What is the difference between Personal and Personnel? :

Personal : (adjective)

( 1 ) Of or belonging to a particular person rather than a group or an organization

This car is for my personal use only.

I made a personal donation to the fund.

( 2 ) Private

Not of one’s public or professional life

Her personal life is a mystery to her colleagues.

Please leave us alone. We have something personal to discuss.

( 3 ) Done or made by a particular person

The Prime Minister made a personal appearance at the function.

I shall give the matter a personal attention.

( 4 ) Done or made for a particular person

We offer a personnel service to our customers.

Will you do it for me as a personal favor?

( 5 ) Critical of a person’s faults

Try to avoid making personal comments.

The argument was becoming too personal.

Personnel : (noun)

( 1 ) People employed on one of the armed forces

A firm or a public office


Army personnel are not allowed to leave the base without permission.

We have advertised for extra security personnel.

We have not got the personnel to cope with the work.

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