What is the difference between Plain and Plane?

What is the difference between Plain and Plane? :

Plain : (adjective)

( 1 ) Clear, easy to see, hear or understand

The markings along the route are quite plain.

He made his annoyance plain.

( 2 ) Frank and direct

Not trying to deceive

She gave a plain answer to my question.

( 3 ) Ordinary and simple

Not decorated or luxurious

He was wearing a plain but very elegant dress.

( 4 ) Not beautiful or good looking

Those are a few plain bits of furniture.

From rather plain child, she had grown into a beautiful woman.

Plain : (NOUN)

( 1 ) Large area of flat land


There is a vast grassy plain behind the temple.

Plane : (noun)

( 1 ) Vehicle with wings and one or more engines which can fly through the air

We traveled by plane.

The plane is about to land

We brought the goods on the plane.

( 2 ) Any flat or level surface

( 3 ) Surface such that a straight line joining any two points in it touches it at all points

( 4 ) Level of thought existence or development

They seem to exist on a different spiritual plane.

These species have reached a higher plane of development.

I tried to life the conversation onto a more elevated plane.

Plane : (adjective)

( 1 ) Completely flat


It is very easy to walk on a plane surface.

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