What is the difference between Pool and Pull?

What is the difference between Pool and Pull? :

Pool : (noun)

1 ) Small area of still water

After the mainstream, there were pools on the roads.

2 ) Shallow patch of water or other liquid lying on a surface

The body was lying in a pool of blood.

3 ) Place in a river where the water is deep and there is not much current

4 ) Common fund of money

People pay small sums of money each week into football pools in the hope of winning a big prize.

5 ) Common supply of funds, goods or services which are available to a group of people to be used when needed

There is a pool of cars used by the film’s salesman.

6 ) Group of people available for work when required

There is a pool of doctors available for emergency work.

We have a typing pool in the office.

Pool : (verb)

1 ) Put money, resources, etc… into a common fund

They pooled their savings and bought a new car.

If we pool our ideas, we may find a solution to the new problem.

Pull : (verb)

1 ) Use force on something in order to move it towards oneself

You push and I shall pull.

2 ) Use this force on something


She pulled me by the ears.

3 ) Draw something

Cause something to move

The horse was pulling a heavy cart.

Pull your chair up to the table.

Pull the plug out.

4 ) Remove something

Draw something out

He pulled a tooth.

5 ) Attract someone sexually

He can still pull the girls.

Pull : (noun)

1 ) Act of pulling, tug

A pull on the rope will make the bell ring.

I felt a pull at my sleeve and turned round.

2 ) Physical force or magnetic attraction found in nature

The tides depend on the pull of the moon.

3 ) Force that influences a person’s behavior, career, etc…

Tell me something about the pull of the wandering life.

4 ) Influence over the people

He has a lot of pull with the managing director.

5 ) Action of inhaling smoke from a cigarette, pipe, etc…

She took a long pull at her cigarette.

6 ) Prolonged effort (in walking, etc…)

It was a long pull to the shore.

It was a hand pull up to the mountain hut.

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