What is the difference between Principal and Principle?

What is the difference between Principal and Principle? :

Principal : (adjective)

( 1 ) First in rank or importance



What is your principal aim in life?

Who are the principal members of the government?

The Ganga is one of the principal rivers of India.

Principal : (noun)

( 1 ) Person with the highest authority in an organization

Who is the principal of your college?

  • ( 2 ) (Finance) money lent or invested on which interest is paid

    You should repay principal and interest within seven days.

  • ( 3 ) Person for whom another acts as his agent

    I must consult my principals before agreeing to your proposal.

    Principle : (noun)

    ( 1 ) A truth or belief that is accepted as a base for reasoning or action

    Democracy is based on the principle of free speech.

    One of the principles of this book is that definitions are in simple language.

  • ( 2 ) A moral rule or set of ideas which guides behavior

    He resigned on a matter of principle.

    I follow the principle that Prevention is better than cure.

  • ( 3 ) Strong belief in and practice of honorable behavior

    Our principal is a man of principles.

  • ( 4 ) (A statement of) the way in which natural objects and forces work in the universe especially as it affects the workings of a machine

    Archimedes principle is that when a body is immersed in a liquid, apparent loss in weight is equal to weight of liquid displaced.

    A bicycle and a motorcycle are built on the same principles.

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