What is the difference between QUIET and QUITE?

What is the difference between QUIET and QUITE? :


( 1 ) With little or no sound

Not noisy or loud

Be quiet, please.

Keep the children quiet.

( 2 ) With little or no movements or disturbance

The roads are usually quiet in the afternoon.

Business is quiet at this time of the year.

( 3 ) Without excitement, activity or interruption

He lives q quiet life.

I have a quiet evening at home.

Their wedding was very quiet.

( 4 ) Gentle, not forced

She is a lady of a quiet disposition.

( 5 ) (Of colors) not bright, unobtrusive

The cloth has a quiet shade of blue.

( 6 ) Not expressed loudly, restrained

They had a quiet laugh about your dress.

Her manners concealed quiet resentment.

QUIET : (noun)

( 1 ) Being quiet, tranquility

They live in peace and quiet.


( 1 ) Fairly, not very, to some extent

He plays quite well.

She sang quite a long song.

( 2 ) Completely, entirely

The theatre was quite full.

I quite agree with her.

He has quite recovered from his illness.

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