What is the difference between
Seat and Sit?

What is the difference between Seat and Sit? :

Seat : (noun)

1 ) Thing made or used for sitting on

She rose from seat to welcome me.

2 ) Place where one pays to site in a vehicle or in a theatre etc…

There are no seats left on the flight.

Book four seats for the concert.

3 ) Place where something is based or where an activity is carried on

In India, Delhi is the seat of government.

Seat : (verb)

1 ) Make something / someone sit

I seated the girl next to her mother.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated.

I seated myself on the sofa.

2 ) Have seats for (a specified number of people)

This is a hall that seats 567 persons.

Sit : (verb)

1 ) Be in a position in which the body is upright and resting on the buttocks either on a seat or on the ground

Please sit on the chair.

2 ) (Of clothes) fit the body well

The dress sits well on her.

The coat sits badly across the shoulders.

3 ) Be a candidate for an examination

He will sit for the test tomorrow.

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