What is the difference between Seek and Sick?

What is the difference between Seek and Sick? :

Seek : (verb)

1 ) Look for something

Try to find or obtain something

We sought long and hard but found no answer to the questions.

They are seeking for solutions to the problems.

Let us seek shelter from the rain.

2 ) Try to reach, move towards something

The flood started and we had to seek higher ground.

Water seeks its own level.

3 ) Ask someone for something

Do not seek to mislead me.

Seek to bring the conflict to the end.

Sick : (adjective)

1 ) Ill

Physically or mentally unwell

She has been sick for over two weeks. \

2 ) Likely to vomit


He is feeling sick.

He has a sick feeling in the stomach.

Flying always makes me feel sick.

Sick : (noun)

1 ) Vomit

The basin was full of sick.

2 ) People who are sill

He visited the sick in hospital.

All the sick and wounded have been sent to hospital.

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