What is the difference between Sleep and Slip?

What is the difference between Sleep and Slip? :

Sleep : (noun)

1 ) Condition that occurs regularly in humans and animals in which the eyes are closed and the muscles, nervous systems, etc… are relaxed

He did not get much sleep.

How many hours’ sleep do you need?

2 ) Substance that gathers in the corners of the eyes during sleep

Wash the sleep out of your eyes.

Slip : (noun)

1 ) False step

Act of slipping

One slip and you could fall off the cliff.

2 ) Minor error

There were a few trivial slips in the translation.

3 ) Thin or small piece of paper

Where is my salary slip?

I wrote her phone number on a slip of paper.

Slip : (verb)

1 ) Slide accidentally

Lose balance and fall or nearly fall

She slipped on the snow and broke her leg.

2 ) Slide accidentally out of its proper position

The razor slipped and cut my cheek.

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