What is the difference between Spar and Spare and Spur?

What is the difference between Spar and Spare and Spur? :

Spar : (verb)

1 ) Box something using light blows for practice only

2 ) Argue or dispute with someone in a friendly way

Those two girls were sparing with each other.

Spare : (verb)

1 ) Refrain from hurting, harming or destroying someone / something

Show mercy to

Dacoits killed the men but spared the children.

2 ) Refrain from using, giving, etc…something

Use as little as possible

No trouble was spared to ensure our comfort.

3 ) Be able to afford to give

Can you spare me one hundred rupees?

She spared me a few minutes of her time.

Can you spare a cigarette for me?

4 ) Manage someone

I cannot spare you for that job. You must finish this one first.

Spare : (adjective)

1 ) In addition to what is usually needed

We have no spare room for a table.

Do you carry a spare wheel in your car?

I have no spare money this month.

2 ) Free


She is a busy woman with little spare time.

He paints in his spare time.

3 ) (Of people) thin, lean

He is a tall spare man.

4 ) Small in quantity

I am on a spare diet.

He had a spare meals.


1 ) Become very annoyed or upset

Your father will go spare if he finds out that you have lost two thousand rupees.

Spur : (noun)

1 ) Either of a pair of sharp-toothed wheels, worn on the heels of a rider’s boots and used to make a horse go faster

Where is the pair of spurs?

2 ) Incentive, thing that urges a person to greater activity

What is the spur to greater efficiency?

International competition was a spur to modernization.

Spur : (verb)

1 ) Strongly encourage someone / something to do better, achieve more, etc…incite or stimulate someone / something

I was spurred on by ambition.

2 ) Make a horse go faster by prickling it with spurs

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